I am sure the photos above of our Queen and Prince Philip need no explanation.
Sad to report that Prince Philip died on the 9th April 2021 aged 99.Following the death of her beloved husband the Queen found life difficult without her rock which Prince Philip was. 

Sad to report that on Thursday 08/09.2022 The Queen at the age of 96 died peacefully at Balmoral Castle with her family around her. Amazingly this week 48 hours before her death The Queen met the outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the new Prime Minister Liz Truss and performed her Royal duties. The Queen on becoming Queen vowed to dedicate her life to the position and to perform her duties her entire life.  What could demonstrate her devotion to the position more than still performing Royal Duties two days before her death.  The Queen has been the backbone of the Nation and will be sadly missed both here in the UK and all around the world.


I am pleased to say that the EU Referendum held in June 2016 resulted in a Leave Result which eventually will  restore British Sovereignty, take back control of UK borders, stop foreign intervention in British laws, stop giving money to unaccountable EU bureaucracy, restore democracy to British citizens, control immigration by visa and work permits by bringing the best  people from the world with the skills and expertise to fill vacancies in our work places and in vital organisations. 

Boris Johnson our Prime Minister has now secured a big majority for the Conservatives in Parliament and is pushing through legislation that will allow the UK to leave the EU at 11.00pm on 31st January 2020

The United Kingdon has now totally left the European Union and is once again an Independent Sovereign State.

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Now that Queen Elizabeth II has sadly died her eldest son Charles becomes King and his wife Camilla becomes Queen Consort.  He will be known as King Charles III.  God Save the King