There are several interesting Website giving information about Britain.  The obvious one is the Government Statistics Site which can be found Here The Site answers most questions about Britain and is very informative.


I am pleased to say that the EU Referendum held in June 2016 resulted in a Leave Result which eventually will  restore British Sovereignty, take back control of UK borders, stop foreign intervention in British laws, stop giving money to unaccountable EU bureaucracy, restore democracy to British citizens, control immigration by visa and work permits by bringing the best  people from the world with the skills and expertise to fill vacancies in our work places and in vital organisations. 

Boris Johnson our Prime Minister has now secured a big majority for the Conservatives in Parliament and is pushing through legislation that will allow the UK to leave the EU at 11.00pm on 31st January 2020

The United Kingdon has now totally left the European Union and is once again an Independent Sovereign State.

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Britain and the EU

The British people were told in 1973 that they were joining a Common market, which would allow free trade between member states; this however has changed completely and is now turning into a semi Superstate, which now has it's own President and Foreign Minister. Britain kept the British Pound and didn't join the Euro Zone. Britain and Southern Ireland also stayed out of the Schengen Zone which most other EU countries have either joined or are applying to join.  Britain is also the only country in the EU to drive on the left side of the road all others drive on the right side.  The Benefits system in Great Britain is generally better than that in the other EU countries and this has encouraged more EU citizens to come to Britain than have gone to the other EU states. This, together with the fact that Britain and Southern Ireland did not place any restrictions on EU workers, has meant that in the past few years almost 3,000,000 Polish people have come to Britain to live and work. This has caused tremendous problems on the social fabric of the country. Since Bulgaria and Rumania joined the EU more than 250,000 of their citizens have come the Britain, this is also causing great problems.

Migrants from the EU countries have continued to arrive in the United Kingdom at a rate of 700 a day. Almost 129,000 of EU migrant are claiming benefits from the British Government in the form of tax credits and child support. These benefits are costing the British taxpayer more than 145 million pounds a year.  Also migrants working here who have dependant children in their own country, for example Poland, can even claim benefit from Britain and have it paid to their wives in Poland at the same rate as it would be paid to British citizens in Britain.

Britain France and Germany pay most of the EU budget with most other States taking money out rather than paying in. There is little to be gained from Britain being in the EU, but of course for smaller states like Poland, Bulgaria, Rumania, Lithuania and Latvia they will all benefit from EU membership because they will never pay the large amount the UK pays into the EU but they will receive all the benefits from membership.

Great Britain is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. England and Scotland have their own Parliaments, although the Scottish one has limited powers, Wales has what is called an Assembly which is similar to a parliament, but with very limited powers, much less than Scotland even. Northern Ireland also has a Parliament at Stormont, but this also has limited powers similar to Scotland.

The British people have found that membership of the EU has not brought the benefits they expected. Not only has immigration from new EU countries been far in excess of what was forecast, for example Tony Blair, when Prime Minister, stated that 15000 Polish would come to the UK whereas in fact nearly 3,000,000 have come. the cost to Britain in supporting these countries is very high. Britain has also found that many of the most important rules and decisions are not now made by the British Government but are imposed on Britain by the EU.
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